About Us


South Shore Crate & Pack stocks the highest quality lumber for our client’s protective packaging. We source high grade pine for our 1” x, 2” x, 4” x, 6” x, and 8” x construction. Our partners have the highest quality options for heat treated, kiln dried wood. Every shipping crate that SSCP manufactures goes through a rigorous inspection process. We check for accurate dimensions and strong fastening points along with a visual inspection and accurate design adherence. You are manufacturing, selling, or preserving a high quality product, our crate will reflect the same on every order.


South Shore Crate & Pack utilizes the highest strength designs for light weight and heavy weight applications. Our team will work with you on any size item across all industries that require a shipping crate and or protective packaging. Every crate is built to last throughout a rigorous storage and or shipping environment. When we crate and pack we consider weight, item material, exposure to damage areas, shock sensitivity, value, and size. South Shore Crate and Pack cuts no corners when it comes to our crate fabrication.


When working with our team, you will get absolute transparency. We want your application to be cost effective for your business, to produce the highest quality crate product, and to make you a returning customer. Our whole team takes pride in their work and they treat all commodities like they are their own. Our team will work with you every step of the way for design, cost, timeline, and custom requirements. South Shore Crate and Pack’s mission is simple, provide the best customer service and product.