Make shipping large items a walk in the park

Factory machine insulated in vapor barrier and secured to pallet ready for relocation

We all know the feeling. You’ve bought a gift for a loved one, or you need to return an item to a vendor, and you just can’t find a cardboard box big enough to fit it in. Cue hours of searching, then difficulty finding packaging materials stable enough to prevent damage to the item and a […]

How to pack and ship odd-shaped items

packaged cargo for transportation

How often have you been wrapping holiday presents and been perplexed by an odd-shaped or cumbersome gift? Perhaps you hand it off to a more experienced wrapper, or maybe just stick it in a bag? Imagine that on a larger scale, then imagine that item having to be shipped, perhaps overseas. Odd-shaped items come in […]

Make your move better with a crating company

exercise bike being packaged for transportation

So, you’re moving your household, relocating your business, or shipping valuable items such as auction winnings from one place to another. You need some professional help, but you’re not sure which type of company is best for your needs. Depending on the services needed, you’ll probably require support from a crating company, a moving company, […]

Shipping Electronics in Bulk Made Easy

Shipping items can be a pain. Between the stress of finding a shipping company, the worry of damage in transit, and decisions regarding packaging, transporting goods from A to B can be seriously time-consuming. And that’s if you’re transporting individual, low-value goods. Bulk transport of expensive electronics sensitive to shocks, temperature swings, liquids, and other […]

Your laboratory relocation doesn’t have to be stressful

Pack for lab relocation Moving personal or professional belongings can be tricky, but throw in some breakables or hazardous chemicals, and you face a whole new set of challenges. For example, if you are planning for a medical or research laboratory relocation, you will have to consider the obstacles related to transporting delicate equipment and […]

Avoid costly mistakes when you pack and ship packages internationally

So you are preparing to ship packages internationally, but you don’t know where to start with the type of packaging needed, the paperwork required, or how best to get your items from A to B. Whether you are shipping items abroad for personal or professional use, it is crucial that your valuable goods arrive safely […]

How to pack and ship your business overseas

Dock Ship Courier Export Port  - isaaceze / Pixabay

What planning is needed and how much help can you get from overseas office relocation companies? You’ve started your own business, it’s going well, and you’re making an impressive profit. But what happens when you need to ship your business overseas? Of course, running a business comes with challenges, but moving your business overseas has […]

Special Considerations for Shipping Hazardous Materials

Shipping valuable items can be tricky, but add hazardous materials in the mix, and you face additional challenges. If packaged incorrectly, shipping hazardous materials can delay your shipment and even result in an expensive fine. The good news is, there are crating companies to help. But, first, you need a crating company specializing in packaging […]