Ocean Container Loading

Ocean Container Loading Services

Ocean container loading consists of properly blocking and bracing export full container shipments or unpacking import full container shipments. The right ocean container loading partner will be responsible for safely loading and/or unloading ocean container contents through proper strapping, blocking and bracing. A proper ocean container loading facility will have a DUNNAGE stamp. We are proud to have the DUNNAGE stamp required to perform this work in our Pembroke facility. 


South Shore Crate and Pack specializes in export container loading and import container unloading. As an IPPC ISPM 15 stamped facility, we can block and brace both 20’ and 40’ containers. For imports we can unload floor loaded or palletized commodities, stage for palletizing, and or store short and long term via our 20,000 SF high roof storage facility. Our operation is 24/7 by appointment with two docks and one oversize drive in bay. We are able to provider these services in our Pembroke, MA location and can work with partners to get your cargo to our facility.

Our Ocean Container Services Include:


Its is our job to correctly and safely load or unload ocean container contents using strapping, blocking, and bracing. We can load onsite or at our Pembroke-based facility. We are also able to arrange transportation for the container worldwide.

A DUNNAGE stamp is required by any facility that performs ocean container loading services. It marks any wood packaging used for international shipping as proof that it has been heat treated or fumigated to prevent the spread of pests and insects around the world.

Yes, SSCP proudly owns a DUNNAGE stamp.

Ocean container loading costs vary based on several items including commodity, handling, container size, bracing/blocking, and other factors.

As an IPPC ISPM 15 stamped facility, South Shore Crate & Pack can work with 20’ and 40’ containers.

We have written a short overview about shipping internationally that can provide you with more information.